MaGee & Me

The start of a beautiful friendship.

Apr 23

Counting Blessings

MaGee & Me have had kind of a hard week. My wheelchair went on the fritz last Wednesday evening, leaving me dead in the water. I won’t go into all the ugly, hugely frustrating details of arranging for a repair. That’s too negative. Instead I want to tell you what and, more importantly, who kept a stressful situation from becoming a full blown crisis. So here are the blessings I found over the last 7 days:

1) My folks, in particular my stepmom Mary, who patiently swapped out meal dishes for my laptop and strung and unstrung its power cord every day so I could still work (and entertain myself) and not go completely and utterly crazy.

2) My Girls — Charlsie, Jamie and Rebecca — who generously offered up their free time to walk MaGee, help me feed MaGee dinner (we usually use an auto-feeder in the afternoon), stayed with me when everyone else was gone and Rebecca even helped me power through a family dinner. They also put up with my testy moods with understanding and patience. Gold Stars all around!

3) My adaptable dog who didn’t mind the dining room floor and the lack of treat balls (after dinner play)…too much and who learned quickly to keep to the right like always while I was in different chairs. No nipped toes!!

4) Chai tea—Never underestimate the power of a hot, caffeinated, sweet treat on a frazzled soul.

Thank you!

Apr 13

The People in Our Neighborhood

Yesterday on our morning walk MaGee & Me happened on to some neighbor kids selling lemonade and Arnold Palmers (half sweet tea/half lemonade). It may be a bit early for a lemonade stand but it was G Day at the university, the Spring football game that draws at least half, if not more, of the crowd a regular Georgia football game gets, and the temperature was rising into the 80s. These kids were poised to make a killing - or at least boost their allowances a bit.

I heard them shouting “lemonade” from at least four houses away. When we came up, a little boy about 3 and a girl maybe 9 years old stood behind a card table at their front gate.

"We have lemonade," the boy told me, waving a paper cup.

"And Arnold Palmers," his sister added.

I asked if they were having any luck. The girl nodded but the boy said, “You have to buy some lemonade!”

"I’m sorry but I don’t have any money with me."

"We do!" He stuck his hand in their cash bowl.

I laughed and apologized and headed on down the street. We had to pass them again on our way home so I told then I’d go home and see if anyone there wanted any lemonade and I’d come back.

"And bring some money!" the boy said. His mother screeched as we pulled away. Too funny!

After pottying MaGee, I found my stepmom in the dining room. No, she didn’t want any lemonade but found me a cup with a lid and help get it and my money situated for the trek back down the street. MaGee gave me a confused, “Didn’t we just do this?” look as I opened the door, but soon resigned herself to a second run.

"You have to wait," the boy said, not exactly schooled in the art of customer service. I expected him to ask me if I had money next. Instead he grabbed the cup I had brought and fixed my lemonade (with his mon’s help) while his sister took care of the other two customers.

"You’re a good little salesman," I said as he slid the cup back into its spot behind me.

"Yeah," said Mom, "he harasses you until you buy something!"

Maybe, but he sure was cute doing it!

Mar 25
My friend Samantha Lorey designed a t-shirt to raise funds for her 3-week team training with her new service dog Stephen! Shirts will be $16 + shipping (tba). The shirts will be grey short sleeve WITHOUT “Proof” all over them. 
If you would like a t-shirt and to help Sam, you can send her an email through her fund raising page:

My friend Samantha Lorey designed a t-shirt to raise funds for her 3-week team training with her new service dog Stephen! Shirts will be $16 + shipping (tba). The shirts will be grey short sleeve WITHOUT “Proof” all over them. 

If you would like a t-shirt and to help Sam, you can send her an email through her fund raising page:

Mar 16

Yesterday MaGee & Me and my aide Rebecca went to Loganville, GA to support my brother Matt at his fundraising event for the Muscular Dystrophy Association: Run Matt Run! He is a manager of a Kroger store and he runs as many laps as he can around his store’s parking lot.  That’s him—the 6’2” leprechaun. He’s started the event years ago and usually has hotdogs grilling, bands playing, sometimes a fire engine for kids to explore and more. This year a local high school cross country team ran with him. Kia ran with him in the past and MaGee and Rebecca did a lap this year. He did 14 laps, about 4 miles, and raised over $900. 

When she wasn’t running, MaGee hung out under her Aunt Emily’s umbrella with a bowl of water. We met some interesting folks like a clarinet player who thought her dog looked just like MaGee but hers had white spots and was “just a mutt.” And a little boy who really wanted to “pet your dog please.”  He settled for a high five. “That’s cool!”  And a man loading groceries in his car who shouted, “You take good care of Mama now, y’hear boy?!” repeatedly. He did eventually ask if she was a he or a she and corrected his instructions accordingly. 

 It was a gorgeous day for an outing and fun! It’s not every day you get you picture taken with a giant leprechaun.

Mar 8

What’s Up?

Not much going on for MaGee & Me. It is finally trying to warm up. We still have frigid days but we get bursts of weather brilliance with bright sun and temps pushing 70 more often. I’m holding my praise for 80 though. Soon?

I thought about another difference between Kia and MaGee. Kia was a problem solver. MaGee tends to look to me to guide her. Once Kia’s ball rolled under this low dolly that held a fairly large houseplant. She walked around it, peered under it, then when she finished assessing the situation, she scooted her front paws under the dolly, knocking the ball out the other side. It took less time than I spent typing this.

Last week MaGee’s ball bounced under her food/water bowl rack. She stared at it then looked at me. Then sniff the floor and step back and sat down as if to say “please get it Mom.”

"Figure it out," I said. She gave me her best teenaged diva sigh and approached the rack again.

Every time she touched it the bowl rattled in the rack. Her head was to wide and her nose too short to reach the ball but I could hear the gears moving in her brain. She tentatively out her paw through the rack and batted the ball gently. I bit my tongue but I wanted to yell “That’s it!” She batted it a little harder and the ball roll out the end. I couldn’t hold back an excited “Good girl!” And she whipped around for a treat.

"Your treat’s in the ball. Go get it." And she did.

I like to watch a dog figure something out. This wasn’t rocket science but it was something new and maybe it will help when she’s retrieving for me.

Feb 24

Feb 14

Further Evidence That Nothing Fazes MaGee

We just had a mild, very short, earthquake in Georgia (so NOT common).  MaGee simply raised her head and sighed.  Apparently it woke her up.  That’s my prison puppy!

Feb 8

We had playtime in the house yesterday and after a while MaGee got bored chasing a ball. She played tug with my aide Jamie for a little bit but kept looking at me, like “Can we stop now?” So we tried her gator but after a few squeaks she was back at the toy basket.

"Put it on the floor," I said, "Maybe she’ll figure out what she wants."

Sure enough she dug her nose down through the toys and came out with…the shell of a stuff bone she desqueakered and unstuffed 15 minutes after opening it at Christmas. It was from my sister and family.

Guess it’s kinda like kids who’d rather play with box than the toy inside.

Feb 2

You would think that you could get the best picture of a black dog in the snow, right? Of course the black dog has to stand still! Thanks for trying, Rebecca!

Jan 29

I couldn’t get into the yard this afternoon so I watched from the porch as my aide Rebecca took MaGee out.  MG first grabbed a tennis ball - of course!

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